Wednesday, November 6, 2013

F.lux and custom color temperatures for Mac OS X

There is something to be said about using computers before going to sleep, and the effects they have on how well we sleep at night.  The authors of the free software F.lux believe that one of the reasons for the sleep disruption after using a computer is the color temperature of the screen.

They postulate that computer screens are designed to feel like sunlight during the hours of the day, which is great, but they don't change how they look at night, which is not so great. They designed and implemented the F.lux software to warm up the screen as the sun goes down. And to make things easier, the software can automatically read the location of the computer, and adjust the warming schedule accordingly.

The software is free, and works on Windows, Mac, and the jailbroken iPads/iPhones. I have only tried it on the Mac, and while I cannot attest to any changes in my sleep patterns, I admit that the screen looks a lot more pleasing at night: warm and soft, unlike how it looked before. 

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